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Since 1922

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2018 Session Dates!

Winter Workshop: December 20 - 23, 2017
Myths and Magic: June 11- June 15
American Heritage: June 17 - June 30
Knighthood I: July 1 - July 14
Knighthood II: July 15 - July 28
World Friendship: July 29 - August 11

Countdown to the 2018 Summer
Spring Breeze

2017 Fall Camper Breeze
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Registration Information


Registrations begins in mid October. Out-of-state campers have an opportunity to register starting in late October; in-state veteran campers register in November and new families register in early January.

Sessions fill quickly - when a theme program fills, a wait list opens for that session. There are 22 wait lists for each session; and all grade, geographic, and gender categories. As many as 100 campers may enroll off the wait lists! Click here for more information

Check out our registration materials:

Meet the G / Herd

Trail Run

Come here to meet the GG horses and learn about the program at the camp barn.

Our summer program focuses on basic western horsemanship, teaching basic control so that campers can enjoy rides on our beautiful trails. Typically, 7-12 year old campers will spend a day in the arena learning skills and then alternate to a short trail ride to practice what they have learned. Younger kids will learn basic reining and control and how to use their “natural aids” while riding. For teenagers, we offer many different riding options from arena instruction to trail rides.

Visit the Barn