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  • What is it?
  • Who is in it?
  • How can I help?

What is the Pendragon Society?

The Pendragon Society is a group of dedicated Geneva Glen alums and friends. Its members support the camp by providing volunteer service in the form of manual labor, including construction, renovation, maintenance, repairs, painting, tree-cutting, cleaning, or professional services according to ability or skill, such as architectural, engineering, design, landscaping, etc… Pendragons make a significant financial contribution by providing semi-skilled labor which would otherwise need to be hired or contracted. Over the last decade tens of thousands of dollars have been saved by the work provided by the Pendragons.

Projects Grand and Humble

There are projects of all shapes and sizes. There are projects that are urgent (need to complete before summer!), and others that are endless, like tree thinning (one thousand down, 65 thousand to go)! And in keeping with the heart of the spirit of the Glen, and in the Knighthood tradition, Pendragons (a Knighthood term) are expected to be willing to offer humble service of any kind and for any need. Yes, that even includes cleaning toilets and washing dishes! And since many of you used to be on the dish and work crews at one time in the distant past, this will simply be a walk down nostalgia lane! The original Sir Knight, Harold Gilmore, always praised humble service, and considered labor and hard work as the highest way of “glorifying God!” This value still holds true today. Besides, the Pendragon Society is a great way of connecting with the camp through the camaraderie that is enjoyed by laboring together. Past projects include:

Who is welcome in the Pendragon Society?Pendragons

Loyal “friends” of Geneva Glen who are able to give of their time and physical labor.

Check out the Pendragon Page on Facebook or email and add you name to our mailing list!


Who do I contact for more information?

Contact the Pendragon Society Coordinator at or email Reid McKnight at

How can you help?

Take a look at the project list below; consider these to see where you would like to apply your talent, skill, and sweat, and be on the lookout for a notice of work schedule. We want you to indicate areas that you’re willing to help out, how much time you may be able to provide and an idea of your preferred schedule.

“Volunteers” are covered under camp’s Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Volunteers are expected to observe common rules of safety and not place themselves in potentially dangerous situations. They are expected to stay away from tools or machinery with which they are unfamiliar or have not received training from someone experienced and familiar in their use.

How often do they meet?

In general, we meet on the second Saturday of every month; however, the Pendragons gather from 5 to 20 times per year, and in numbers of from 2 to 20. In other words, any time you can come up, come!! Some projects are organized and scheduled, and others are “do-it-yourself.”

What's coming up?

  • SAVE OUR TRAILS: One of camp's most valuable resources is in need of our ongoing attention and concerted focus.