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Have questions regarding our application process? Check our frequently asked questions for the answer. If you cannot find what you are looking for, email us!

Q: What are the camp dates?

A: Staff Orientation begins Sunday, June 8th and the last day of camp is August 16th, 2014.

Q: When do I need to send my staff application in?

A: Anytime you'd like! Staff hiring begins during December and continues through May. January or February is ideal.

Q: How many references do I need?

A: I would try to have at least FOUR references for a staff application.

Q: Who should I use for references?

A: Give us a complete view of yourself. Church officials, teachers/professors, employers, Geneva Glen alumni, etc. For 2012, we are asking that you include one family member who can comment on your ability to work as an employee!

Q: What if I've never had a job or worked at another camp?

A: I'm willing to bet you have 4 references somewhere. We realize that this might be your first official job, but you've probably had some "employment" elsewhere. Babysitting? How about mowing the neighbors' lawn? Have you taken care of someone's pets, etc? Use teachers or school officials. Are you in any clubs or activities? Have your soccer or baseball coach on that list.

Q: I only have 3 references, am I not going to be hired?

A: It's not going to hurt you, no. You'll be fine, just check that your references know we'll be contacting them.

Q: I'm using a former GG staff member as a reference; do I still need to put down their information (address, email, etc)?

A: If you use a Geneva Glen alum, please get his/her current information for us. That'll give you a chance to check with that person and let them know you plan on using him/her as a reference. Incomplete applications will take longer to process.

Q: Did you get my application?

A: After you apply you should receive a confirmation email, postcard or phone call stating that we have receieved your application.

Q: I have more information that I didn't include in my staff application. Can I send that in?

A: Sure! Go ahead and mail it in, we'll take a look and attach it to your application.

Q: When and how should I contact GG if I have a question?

A: We are usually in the office from midnight to 3 a.m. Yep. Try 9-5, Monday -Friday. :-) - Check the menu on the left side for contact information.

Q: Does camp interview people? When?

A: Yes! We do interviews with prospective staff members and "re-interviews" with former staff members who would like to return. We usually begin interviews in January and February..

Q: When should we be expecting a letter or call about an interview?

A: Depends on when you sent in your application. Probably within a week of sending it, you should get an email or postcard saying we received your application. Other than that, we appreciate your patience.

Q: I'm freakin' about my interview! Are they formal interviews?

A: Interviews are either done in person at camp or over the phone. We'll ask you some questions, you answer them. How formal do they get? Don't wear a tuxedo or your prom dress... Seriously though, we appreciate an open interview where you are professional and willing to share some information about yourself.

Q: I haven't heard anything back from camp! What do I do?

A: If you haven't heard from us at all (that little confirmation email / postcard), give us a call or email and make sure that we do have your application. If you did get that email, just be patient - we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Q: When will I know if I have been hired?

A: Staff hiring (including work and dish crew) goes from January until the end of May. Most people will know by early to mid April, but you can be hired up until the day of camp.

Q: I want to know earlier!!!

A: If you have an important question regarding the timing of being hired, give us a call let us deal with that specifically. If you are just excited and a little impatient, we'll try and get to everyone as quickly as possible.

Q: What is the order for deciding on staff positions? Does it start with Area Heads and work down to CIT's, etc?

A: The formation of the summer staff is more art than a science. While we do spend some time early on taking a look at the supervisory staff, area heads and crews; we typically don't have an "order."

Q: How many people are hired for crew positions?

A: We don't have a set number, but usually between 15 and 20.

Q: I'm a former staff member, when do I need to re-apply and how?

A: In your end of summer evaluations we asked if you were interested in the next summer... we use that information to "invite" people to join the staff. If you were employed in a previous summer (more than a year ago) contact us or fill out the standard online application.

Q: I'm a former camper, under the "Camp Experience" section of the application, should I write down GG?

A: Yes, please.

Q: When are contracts sent?

A: January - May. Once you are hired, we'll get all your paperwork in order and send you a contract. Don't worry if you don't see one right away though.

Q: When do I find out which crew I'm on?

A: Sometime in May.

Q: So after we send in all the contract paperwork (contract, med form, etc) is there anything else we need to do?

A: Nope, just relax - you're set. The staff will receive the first newsletter in April. Information will keep coming throughout May and early June.

Q: I'm a former staff member, what is the deal with pre-camp?

A: If you want more information about pre-camp work, contact camp.

Q: I'm a former staff member, when I fill out my re-application do I need to list new references if my references haven't changed. Why do I need new references at all?

A: Yes, we need 2 new references from ALL re-applicants. We would like to hear from a reference who knows you since the end of last summer. It's Geneva Glen's responsibility to get up to date information on you before we consider re-hiring you. Remember that an "invitation" to complete the re-application does not insure that you have a job!

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