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Reid McKnight - Administrative Director

Reid McKnight

"I think the most important thing Geneva Glen gives is to make kids feel big and grow into young men and women of confidence and integrity, it makes summers extraordinary and it makes me feel grateful to be a part of such a storied, cherished and inspired tradition."

  • Hometown: Roxborough, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 32
  • Years on GG Staff: 23

Christa Redford - Assistant Director

Christa Redford

"I believe that the most important thing that Geneva Glen gives is providing an environment that nurtures growth and encourages an individual to become a better version of himself/herself. GG recognizes unique qualities in individuals that may not be seen or identified anywhere else. Camp nurtures and pulls out those qualities. I truly love witnessing this summer after summer."

  • Hometown: Littleton, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 32
  • Years on GG Staff: 22

Johnny Domenico - Creative Programming Officer

Johnny Domenico

Coming Soon!

  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 24
  • Years on GG Staff: 18

Pete Mahan - Property Manager

Pete Mahan

"The most important thing Geneva Glen Camp provides is the opportunity for a camper to experience the world in a new and unfamiliar manner. GG provides its campers with occasions to get sand in their shoes, mud on their favorite t-shirt, and pine sap on their hands. Guided by loving and supportive counselors our campers grow through the opportunities they have to learn about and explore nature in the Rocky Mountains. Though their interactions with peers they gain wisdom, creativity, independence, integrity, and self-worth. Geneva Glen’s culture of loving support and encouragement inspires campers to realize their potential as leaders in their community and to support their fellows. Geneva Glen provides an opportunity for campers to love and be inspired by the ideals which make the world a better place."

  • Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 18
  • Years on GG Staff: 18

Jake Kay - Maintenance Director

Jake Kay

"In today's world the most important things kids gather from camp are the true friendships and deep memories. Camp is one of the first places a child goes on their own adventure without a parent, and kids at camp thrive in this environment that provides an eagerness to grow safely, honestly, and full of young energy. Every child learns that they have friendship making skills, and that those friends think that they are funny, and smart, and honest. And most suddenly the child will realize that they have a team beside them helping them make memories, stay true, and laugh while on this exciting adventure together.''

  • Hometown: Evergreen, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 14
  • Years on GG Staff: 7

Levi Gribas - Program Coordinator

Levi Gribas

"Camp provides children with a welcoming community unhindered by technological forces. Technology is a huge part of our world today providing so many useful tools and opportunities, but at times can really get in the way of our real life connection to the people we are surrounded by. Camp allows us all to re-connect with old friends, new friends, mentors, and also the natural world that surrounds us at camp which is the beautiful Colorado forest. By stepping away from the technology for even just the two weeks at camp, it allows for deep and meaningful relationships to develop."

  • Hometown: Pocatello, ID
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 5
  • Years on GG Staff: 5

Cooper McCleery - Special Programs Director

Cooper McCleery

"The most important thing camp gives is a place for campers to find their morals and what they think is worth holding close to their hearts. In a society growing more and more towards superficial goals with social media, camp provides an outlet for campers to explore their own values individually. Also dirt, camp gives kids lots of time in the dirt which I think, is arguably just as important.''

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 9
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

Lauren Clarke - Head of Girls Hill

Lauren Clarke

"In my opinion the most important thing camp gives to children is the ability to take a breath and build lifelong relationships. Camp is a place for children to unwind and discover who they are outside of the normal stresses in the “real world.” While discovering who they are and who they want to be, camp fosters a sense of community in cabins and age groups. Within this community students can discover positive, heathy friendships that children can look to for support when they experience the struggles and stresses of the “real world” for many years to come.''

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 12
  • Years on GG Staff: 5

Alex Izbiky - Head of Boys Hill

Alex Izbiky

"I think the most important thing that Geneva Glen provides its campers is head space. The kids that come to camp are growing up in a time where they are flooded with news both good and bad at unseen rates, and many of them feel that they are expected to keep up a social presence at all times, be it real or digital. Geneva Glen provides campers both an opportunity to step out of this media whirlwind, catch their breath, and think deeply about themselves and their world, as well as the role models to guide them through this process as they reflect on their identity as young adults.''

  • Hometown: Englewood, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 12
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

Mikaela Jacoby - Head of Counselor Development

Mikaela Jacoby

"One of the best things Geneva Glen gives to kids is a safe environment for them to grow, experience, and develop around their peers without the distraction of technology. Allowing kids to collaborate and use their space inspires creativity and instills a love of nature. Beyond that, Geneva Glen creates a safe environment for kids to make mistakes and helps them to learn from these mistakes, cultivating strong leaders who are not afraid to shoot for the stars. From personal experience, I can say my life has truly been bettered by Geneva Glen as it has given me so many memorable experiences and friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. I’m honored to have a part in this organization, and to be able to call Geneva Glen my home away from home.''

  • Hometown: Golden, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 14
  • Years on GG Staff: 5

Harris Griswold- Head of Counselor Development

Harris Griswold

"I think the most important thing camp gives kids is a sense of self-discovery. When kids escape their technology-filled reality for summers in the foothills, they take on new responsibilities, make authentic friends, and learn how to contribute positively to the world around them. Having two weeks away from Mom and Dad builds up individual confidence and teaches kids the positive and negative repercussions of all of their daily actions.''

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 13
  • Years on GG Staff: 4

Caroline McHugh - Head of Trainees

Caroline McHugh

I think the most important thing that Geneva Glen gives is the foundation for self-discovery. This place gives the tools for young men and women to build self confidence and responsibility, and it allows for them to really find the person that they want to be. I have always said that I would not be the person I am today without Geneva Glen, and I wholeheartedly believe that, and I know many others feel that way, too.

  • Hometown: Centennial, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 12
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

James Kohler - Head of Trainees

James Kohler

Coming Soon!

  • Hometown: Centennial, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 11
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

Nick Kolomitz- Crew Boss

Nick Kolomitz

"I think the most important thing Geneva Glen gives young adults is the ability to be a good community member. Living in the camp environment teaches campers as well as staff members the values of teamwork, selflessness, and conservation. As young adults the value of being a good community member is vital for forming lasting relationships. People who come to Geneva Glen are able to form lasting relationships with many different types of people because of these skills."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 16
  • Years on GG Staff: 6

Caley Moon - Crew Boss

Caley Moon

"I think the most important thing camp gives kids is a place to fail safely. In so many places in a child's life, when they fail, there is no chance for them to reconcile that behavior. At camp, kids not only learn how to pick themselves back up, but how to bring others up with them."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 15
  • Years on GG Staff: 5

Noah Schwalger - Crew Boss

Noah Schwalger

"Geneva Glen is a place where young people can fully express themselves as well as realize who they want to be. The atmosphere that the people bring to this place is welcoming and all accepting. It’s a place to branch out of your comfort zone and socialize with people and lifestyles of you might not have associated with otherwise. This place promotes a desire for understanding of cultures and traditions. I’m grateful and excited to be able to continue curating the values Geneva Glen laid out for me.''

  • Hometown: Thornton, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 12
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

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