Geneva Glen Camp Coronavirus Plan 2022

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been complex and challenging for everyone. Our children have had to develop resilience in a way never expected. We know that time at camp experiencing The Magic of the Glen will reward that resilience by inspiring healing and hope in our campers and staff. Geneva Glen’s mission remains resolute in empowering our campers to demonstrate courage, to create, to grow, to experience the outdoors, to make friends, and to be part of a community of love and support that will allow them to thrive in their lives back at home.

Our COVID-19 plan is based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Colorado Department of Public & Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), and the American Camp Association (ACA).

Please note that this plan will be constantly reviewed and revised! It is based on the information and guidance we have and are familiar with today. It is subject to change based on regulatory guidance and the evolving landscape of the pandemic.

What Will Geneva Glen Look Like This Summer?

Pre-Camp COVID Testing Requirement

All campers, during Check-in, must show proof of a negative at-home/over-the-counter COVID test administered on the day of their arrival at camp. See below for more information

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

All campers and staff attending 2022 programming at Geneva Glen must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Full vaccination includes administration of the booster for all eligible individuals. See below for more information.

Non-pharmaceutical Interventions

Geneva Glen will continue to layer multiple preventative methods known as non-pharmaceutical interventions. Depending on community spread and regulatory guidelines, these may include health screening before and during camp, the use of face coverings, small groups or cohorts, increased sanitization practices on high touch areas, physical distancing, frequent hand washing, and increased ventilation in indoor spaces.

Communicable Disease Plan

Geneva Glen has an up-to-date communicable disease plan that addresses outbreak and response strategies. Camp will be ready to care for sick campers, ensure proper isolation protocols, address campers and staff that have been exposed, do contact tracing, communicate with parents, and report to the proper regulating agencies.

With most of our programming outdoors, there will be natural physical distancing and plenty of fresh air. We have the best outdoor space of any camp anywhere, and our campers love being outside!

Please read the following sections to learn more about our proactive efforts to be well-prepared for the 2022 summer experience.

Before Camp

Is camp the right choice for my family this year?

This summer might not be the year to send your child to camp for some of our families. Know if your child or family is at a higher risk for severe illness. If you have concerns, check with your pediatrician or healthcare provider.

Vaccination Requirement

The Board of Directors and the Health and Wellness Committee continually review guidance from federal, state, and county agencies to develop processes, protocols, and guidance to promote a safe camp experience and a wonderful summer for our entire community. In light of these ongoing reviews, the Health and Wellness Committee unanimously recommended to the Board that all 2022 campers and staff be fully vaccinated. In response, the Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of this safety requirement.

This new vaccine requirement, effective for the 2022 camp season, means:

  1. All campers and staff attending 2022 programming at Geneva Glen must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which is defined as completing the series of vaccinations at least two weeks prior to arrival at camp. Full vaccination includes administration of the booster for all eligible individuals.
  2. Proof of full vaccination will be collected, along with traditional pre-camp forms, via the CampInTouch portal, in advance of each session.
While the future course of COVID-19 is uncertain, and we must always adhere to the changing requirements of Jefferson County and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, this vaccine requirement is designed to give us the best chance to regain normalcy at Geneva Glen. Our hope is that this requirement will reduce or eliminate the need for campers and staff to mask, be separated into cohorts, and undergo testing while in our upcoming programs. If you have questions about this new vaccine requirement, please contact our camp doctor, Dr. Tim Amass at
Natural Immunity, Medical Exemptions, and Non-Medical Exemptions
  • Natural Immunity- Individuals qualify for a natural immunity exception to the booster requirement of Geneva Glen's COVID vaccination policy if they have had 2 mRNA vaccine doses AND a documented COVID infection within 180 days of the last day of the camp session they will attend. Proof of COVID infection must come in the form of submitting a COVID PCR lab result that documents COVID positivity within the specified date range. No other forms of natural immunity will be accepted.
  • Medical Exemptions- Individuals seeking a medical exemption will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Consideration for a medical exemption will require documentation from the child’s treating provider, as well as a discussion with the camp physician. Please contact our camp physician, Dr. Tim Amass
  • Non-Medical Exemptions will not be accepted for summer 2022 programs.
Vaccination Resources
COVID-19 Booster Update: May 21, 2022

Earlier this week, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expanded the eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to everyone 5 years of age and older. The CDC now recommends that children ages 5 through 11 years should receive a booster shot 5 months after their original two-shot vaccination series.

In line with the FDA approval and the recent CDC recommendation, as well as Geneva Glen's existing policy that to attend camp, all participants will need to be vaccinated and boosted if eligible; we wanted to confirm the following for our campers:

  1. To attend camp, all children will need to be vaccinated (completed the two-dose series of the mRNA vaccine) at least two weeks prior to attending camp.
  2. Campers who are eligible will need a booster prior to coming to camp. Eligibility is now considered 5 years and older AND 5 months or more AFTER completing the two-dose series. For example, campers who received their two-dose series before January 1, 2022, are eligible for a booster dose.
  3. Timing of the booster: the booster shot is considered immediately effective and just needs to be completed prior to arriving at camp. The booster is different from the original two-dose series, where two weeks were needed for full efficacy.
  4. Natural immunity exemption for the booster dose: The booster shot will not be required for children who have completed the two-shot vaccine series AND have had COVID in the 180 days before attending Geneva Glen. In this case, please upload a copy of your child's PCR with their name and date of the test clearly visible. For those without proof of PCR positivity, please contact the camp doctor directly.

Preparing for Camp

  • Check the risk COVID-19 poses to the camp community. Use CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels tool to check the risk COVID-19 poses where your child is going to camp to help you make decisions about your child’s safety.
  • Get your child vaccinated. The best thing you can do to protect your child from COVID-19 and help ensure they have a memorable experience this summer is to make sure your child is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines in time for camp. Please refer to Geneva Glen's COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement above. COVID-19 vaccines are currently available for everyone ages 5 and older. You can find them near you at If your child is first getting vaccinated, make sure they get their 2nd dose at least 2 weeks before the start of their camp session.
  • Make sure your child knows about good handwashing techniques. Remind your child to wash their hands often. The most effective handwashing method involves soap and water. But when soap and water aren’t available, we will provide your child with hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Keep your child home if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. If your child has any of the following symptoms, you should keep them home from camp, get them tested for COVID-19, and notify camp staff:
    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
  • Take extra precautions if your child is at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Children with certain health issues have a greater chance of getting very sick from COVID-19. These health issues include:
    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Sickle cell disease

    Talk with your child’s health care provider to determine whether it’s safe for them to attend camp or if they need to take extra precautions while at camp, such as wearing a more protective mask. Please notify camp staff of any extra precautions your child needs before their camp session starts.

Pre-Camp Testing

Pre-Camp testing IS REQUIRED. Campers, at check-in, must show proof of a negative at-home/over-the-counter COVID test administered on the day of their arrival at camp.

Acceptable methods of providing proof of a negative COVID test are:

  • Photo of the negative at-home/over-the-counter test;
  • Physical test card illustrating the negative test result

In the event your child tests positive for COVID, please contact Geneva Glen at 303-697-4621 x14 to discuss next steps.

If positive before camp:
Please let us know if your camper develops symptoms or tests positive before coming and we will connect you with the camp doctor and, on a case-by-case basis determine when your camper can most safely come to camp. For Seedlings & Stardust and Myths & Magic, this will likely be difficult as we will require at least 5 days from positive test, resolved symptoms (if any) and a negative antigen test in accordance with the CDC guidance.

It is imperative that your child arrives at camp healthy.

Out-of-State Travel to Camp

Geneva Glen offers airport transportation to and from Denver International Airport for out-of-state campers. If you are sending an out-of-state camper and have questions about airport runs, please contact Jimmy Dickson at Please follow the CDC Guidance for Travelers

If your camper is traveling on the day of Check-in, please have take an at-home/over-the-counter COVID test prior to departure. Knowing of a positive test in advance of travel allows you more time and options.

Please consider the following: Does your camper have a parent/guardian, emergency contact, or other family support in Colorado during your camper's session? If your camper tests positive for COVID-19, we will be required to isolate your child where they will not be allowed to participate in everyday activities while cared for in our Health Center. If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, they must isolate according to requirements set forth by the CDC and CDPHE.

Check-In Procedures

Get ready for Geneva Glen’s signature Check-In and Check-Out days! We’re planning to have that traditional feel as we welcome your camper. After a rousing performance from the staff, we’ll collect any missing paperwork, verfiy your negative Covid test, sign release cards, collect medications, and then meet your camper’s counselors.

Geneva Glen asks that attendees for Check-In and Check-Out be vaccinated for Covid-19. If you have not completed your vaccination series, please wear a mask. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms. Our plan for Check-In and Check-Out may be adjusted accordingly based on community spread.

2-Week Session Check-In and Check-Out Times (American Heritage, Knighthood I, Knighthood II, World Friendship)
Session Check-In Check-Out
Seedlings & Stardust Friday, June 3; 10:00 - 11:30 am Sunday, June 5; 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Myths & Magic Monday, June 6; 10:00 - 11:30 am Friday, June 10; 2:30 - 3:30 pm
American Heritage Sunday, June 12; 2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday, June 25; 9:30 - 11:00 am
Knighthood I Sunday, June 26; 2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday, July 9; 9:30 - 11:00 am
Knighthood II Sunday, July 10; 2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday, July 23; 9:30 - 11:00 am
World Friendship Sunday, July 24; 2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday, August 6; 9:30 - 11:00 am
Medications and Health Forms

We plan to do our best to ensure we handle camper medications and health needs appropriately and efficiently. Please help us with the following to expedite your camper’s check-in:

  • Turn in the Health History, Physician’s Exam, Immunization Form, and COVID-19 Vaccination card.
  • Any medications to be dropped off must be consistently listed on the Health History, the Physician’s Exam, as well as the prescription bottle. Please understand this is a Colorado licensing requirement and something we cannot bend the rules on.
  • Any over-the-counter medications must have a physician's authorization.
  • If you know you will need to speak to a nurse or our health care staff prior to your camper attending GG, let us know by emailing Grace at

Our health care team is currently reviewing these health records and will be contacting all parents with campers that need special consideration before their session.

During Camp


Masks will NOT be required at the current COVID-19 Community Level.

While mask use is no longer mandated, masks are still recommended by the CDC and CDPHE as a measure to reduce the risk of transmission indoors. JCPH endorses this guidance, especially in circumstances when a person chooses to wear one or in facilities that choose to continue to require mask use. Persons who are at higher risk for severe outcomes from COVID-19 infection or persons otherwise concerned about being exposed to COVID-19 are especially encouraged to wear a well-fitted mask when in an indoor setting.

Geneva Glen will promote and maintain a supportive environment for campers or staff who continue to wear masks as a personal choice. In this case, please pack plenty of masks for your campers. You’ll want to send your child with the most protective, best-fitting mask your child will wear.

If masks are required in response to a communicable disease, Geneva Glen will provide them to our campers and staff.

Physical Distancing, Cohorts, Testing, & Other Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI’s)

Geneva Glen has an array of preventative strategies we can implement before and during camp. These inventions can be selectively applied when public health communications suggest imminent infectious illness. The use of handwashing, sanitizing, ventilation, screening, and vaccinations will be used at all times when possible.

The safety and well-being of our camp community are our top priority, and a safe environment is critical to an amazing Geneva Glen experience. We will continue to consult with regulatory agencies and industry experts to make determinations regarding non-pharmaceutical interventions.

The Geneva Glen property allows ample space for natural physical distancing that still promotes social growth. Whether hiking, playing in the Meadow, or horseback riding, campers will spend much of their time 6 feet separated.

Testing During Camp

Geneva Glen will conduct symptomatic testing as recommended by the camp physician. Asymptomatic testing and camp-wide surveillance testing will NOT be required at the current COVID-19 Community Level.

If positive during camp -if your camper or a staff member develops symptoms of COVID-19, and tests positive, they will be isolated from camp as is in our COVID policy on the website. They will be eligible to return no sooner than 5 days from positive test, resolved symptoms (if any) and a negative antigen test prior to coming to camp or the full 10-day isolation completion, in accordance with the CDC guidance

If conditions change, and our Health and Wellness Committee deems it necessary, camp-wide testing may be utilized.

Ongoing Health Screening

Geneva Glen will conduct ongoing health screening throughout your camper’s session. This screening will include monitoring campers for any COVID-19 symptoms.

Case Management

Geneva Glen's outbreak and response strategies within our communicable disease plan address key aspects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Communicable disease response personnel
  • Responsive non-pharmaceutical interventions
  • Outbreak algorithms addressing isolation, quarantine of close contacts, and logistical support
  • Communication with parents, staff, campers, regulatory agencies, and media
Isolation (Individual Campers)
  • Those required to isolate must do so for a minimum of 5 days. Day 0 is considered the date of either symptom onset or the date of the positive test collection.
  • Campers that test positive will be eligible to return no sooner than 5 days from positive test, resolved symptoms (if any), and a negative antigen test prior to coming to camp or the full 10-day isolation completion, in accordance with the CDC guidance.
  • Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) strongly recommends wearing a well-fitted mask for persons aged 3 and older for an additional 5 days.
  • Diagnostic COVID-19 test: a test that detects a current COVID-19 infection. These tests include PCR, rapid molecular, and antigen tests. Serology (antibody) tests can check for evidence of past infection or vaccination but cannot tell if a person currently has COVID-19 and are therefore not considered diagnostic tests.
  • JCPH requires that facilities must notify JCPH of positive COVID-19 cases.

If your camper tests positive for COVID-19 during the session, they will be isolated in our Health Center. We will contact the parent/guardian to arrange for the camper to leave until they are eligible to return. Any identified close contacts within a positive tested camper's cabin/dorm group will receive more aggressive symptom monitoring for the subsequent days.

Regulatory Requirements
  • JCPH and state statute requires that facilities must notify JCPH of positive COVID-19 cases and outbreaks (see below for definition of a COVID-19 outbreak).
  • JCPH may require additional mitigation measures when there is evidence of uncontrolled transmission or for investigations that require more stringent control measures.
Out-of-State Considerations

We recommend that out-of-state families plan to have a parent/guardian, emergency contact, or some other family support in Colorado during your camper's session.


  • Our staff will clean indoor spaces according to our protocols recommended by the Jefferson County Health Department.
  • Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer will be available to all campers.
  • Additional covered outdoor spaces have been added for inclement weather.
  • Additional temporary bathroom facilities are available at several locations around camp, including some overnight locations, Ropes/Hilltop, and Boys Hill.
  • We have increased ventilation in the lodge with added circulating fans.
  • Proper signage will be posted throughout camp i.e. handwashing techniques.

Food and Meals

Meals will be a served buffet with a single mealtime. This is designed to help contain the spread of any communicable diseases. Geneva Glen will also provide opportunities for outdoor eating.

Care Packages & Mail During Camp

Unfortunately, camp does not have a way to accommodate the storage of care packages safely. For the safety of our campers, staff, and local wildlife, care packages will not be allowed. Mailed letters are a welcome way to stay in contact with your camper! There are several ways to remind your child that you are thinking of them. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Pre-write letters, label them for the day to be opened, and place them in your child’s trunk. This is a welcomed surprise for your child!
  • Send self-addressed stamped envelopes and cards for your child to write letters to family and friends.
  • Place 2-3 goodie bags in your child’s trunk. Have them open the goodie bag on a selected day. This is a way to send goodies for the entire cabin/dorm (please remember not to include any food). Campers love receiving glow-in-the-dark necklaces, fairy wands, matching t-shirts, etc.

When scheduled for the store, part of your camper's tuition includes two free snack items. We will also be offering additional single-serve snacks free of charge throughout your camper's stay.

Summer Staff

We hire only individuals who are committed to ensuring your camper’s safe and fun experience! We are tremendously proud and protective of the caliber of these seasonal staff members and the sacrifices they make to create the Magic of the Glen. Geneva Glen has required that all staff be fully vaccinated prior to the summer.

Visitors or Leaving Camp

Visitors along with late arrivals and early departures will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


At Check-Out, you’ll get a chance to collect your camper’s items (hopefully leaving behind no lost & found), chat with counselors, and hear all about your child’s experience.

Geneva Glen asks that attendees for Check-In and Check-Out be vaccinated for Covid-19. If you have not completed your vaccination series, please wear a mask. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or have any symptoms. Our plan for Check-In and Check-Out may be adjusted accordingly based on community spread.

Post Camp

  • We want to stay in touch with you after your child leaves camp if symptoms develop. If your camper tests positive, please contact us immediately.
  • All facilities will be sanitized after Check-Out.

Partnership Between Geneva Glen and our Camp Families

The safety of camp this summer depends on a partnership between Geneva Glen and our camp families.

  • Determine if camp is right for your child and your family this summer.
  • Be prepared to follow camp's policies to ensure your child arrives at camp healthy.
  • Read and sign our waiver regarding COVID-19 in your CampInTouch account
  • Complete all your required forms from your CampInTouch account

Please be aware that Geneva Glen will continue to update this plan as we approach the summer. We will notify our camper family of updates and appreciate your patience and trust.

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