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We are happy to introduce you to the many employment opportunities at Geneva Glen. As you read through these pages, you will learn the different kinds of jobs, the pay, dates, and a description of each. Then, after carefully reviewing the position that interests you and for which you may be most qualified, click below to fill out our online application.

Applicants must know the main requirement we have is quality of character.

This includes a good disposition, impeccable personal standards, and the ability to adjust to a demanding lifestyle. We also anticipate your willingness to work with others. We expect all camp family members to be positive role models for our campers and to express a genuine appreciation for children. Please realize that "pay" for this work and service is intangible - low in money but of immeasurable value in experience, leadership, and fellowship. We expect consistently "top-notch" work and believe individuals are highly rewarded for investing themselves in our unique program. If money is of significant consideration or necessity, there are better places for you than camp. If you can seize this opportunity, you will find it memorable and of great personal benefit.

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