The GG Supervisors

Reid McKnight - Administrative Director

Reid McKnight

"I think the most important thing Geneva Glen gives is to make kids feel big and grow into young men and women of confidence and integrity, it makes summers extraordinary and it makes me feel grateful to be a part of such a storied, cherished and inspired tradition."

  • Hometown: Roxborough, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 33
  • Years on GG Staff: 24

Christa Redford - Assistant Director

Christa Redford

"I believe that the most important thing that Geneva Glen gives is providing an environment that nurtures growth and encourages an individual to become a better version of himself/herself. GG recognizes unique qualities in individuals that may not be seen or identified anywhere else. Camp nurtures and pulls out those qualities. I truly love witnessing this summer after summer."

  • Hometown: Littleton, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 33
  • Years on GG Staff: 23

Pete Mahan - Property Manager

Pete Mahan

"The most important thing Geneva Glen Camp provides is the opportunity for a camper to experience the world in a new and unfamiliar manner. GG provides its campers with occasions to get sand in their shoes, mud on their favorite t-shirt, and pine sap on their hands. Guided by loving and supportive counselors our campers grow through the opportunities they have to learn about and explore nature in the Rocky Mountains. Though their interactions with peers they gain wisdom, creativity, independence, integrity, and self-worth. Geneva Glen’s culture of loving support and encouragement inspires campers to realize their potential as leaders in their community and to support their fellows. Geneva Glen provides an opportunity for campers to love and be inspired by the ideals which make the world a better place."

  • Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 19
  • Years on GG Staff: 19

Nick Kolomitz - Facilities Director

Nick Kolomitz

"I think the most important thing Geneva Glen gives young adults is the ability to be a good community member. Living in the camp environment teaches campers as well as staff members the values of teamwork, selflessness, and conservation. As young adults the value of being a good community member is vital for forming lasting relationships. People who come to Geneva Glen are able to form lasting relationships with many different types of people because of these skills."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 17
  • Years on GG Staff: 7

Harris Griswold - Head of Boys Hill

Harris Griswold

"I think the most important thing that Geneva Glen gives is an environment where genuine friendships are built upon both individual content of character and the great outdoors. Camp encourages kids to respect each other based on their positive contribution to a group, and by sharing experiences both in and out of their comfort zones, kids form relationships that are incredibly strong and pure. To this day, all of my best friendships in life were formed at Geneva Glen. I want to give back and help create this same environment for kids so that they can reap the benefits of such strong friendships through adulthood like so many of us past campers."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 14
  • Years on GG Staff: 5

Charlotte Dean- Head of Counselor Development

Charlotte Dean

"I think that the most important thing that Geneva Glen does is provide a nurturing environment for personal growth and to develop lifelong friendships. The “real world” often places a lot of pressure and expectations on children. But camp offers them a place to escape these pressures and to feel like a kid again no matter their age."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 8
  • Years on GG Staff: 4

James Kohler- Head of Counselor Development

James Kohler

"Geneva Glen to me is about the circle of people who guide you into the best version of yourself. As a camper, I had counselors who were strong, trusting, incredible role models and still are for me today, even when your time together becomes distant. The friends I made as a camper from the ages of 8 through 16 are still some of the closest, most genuine relationships of my life. On staff, that experience flourishes once again and it means the world for me to nurture the same experience I’ve had for my campers. Spending the summers at Geneva Glen has influenced me to be the person I am today and I could not be more confident in that statement. At Geneva Glen, campers are surrounded by people committed to making fond memories, friendships and outdoor appreciation."

  • Hometown: Centennial, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 13
  • Years on GG Staff: 4

Annie Rudnick- Crew Boss

Annie Rudnick

"I think the most important thing camp can give to people is community. Camp allows a person to discover themselves outside of what is their normal. Through this reinvention they are able to connect with other people at camp on a deeper level than usually found in today’s society. These friendships are lifelong and are build on a foundation of strong character and authenticity. Geneva Glen is a family that sticks together for a lifetime."

  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Years at Geneva Glen: 8
  • Years on GG Staff: 3

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