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Our goal is to provide youth with a summer camp experience that:
  • Stimulates love for and care of the natural world.
  • Promotes discovery of one's own dignity and worth.
  • Encourages respect for all races, creeds, and backgrounds.
  • Develops commitment to enduring values and respect.
  • Inspires service and responsibility to foster exemplary school and community leaders.
Campers achieve these goals through activities and programs led by skilled leaders. These young-adult leaders conduct a varied and exciting program that includes horseback riding, swimming, outdoor adventure programming (hiking, camping, rappelling, ropes course, etc.), archery, cookouts, music, dance, drama, arts-and-crafts, pageantry, rich ceremony, and much more. Our success can be measured by the high rate of returning campers and staff members – on average, 70% of campers and 65% of staff return to Geneva Glen each summer. Geneva Glen is one of very few camps able to boast fifth-generation campers.
Geneva Glen has been regarded as “magic.”
It is a place “out of time,” it transcends fashion, and it liberates participants from the pressures of the “real world”. Geneva Glen seeks to empower all campers and staff to live at their highest level and to enrich their home communities by virtue of their substance and strength of character, enlarged through their Geneva Glen experience. Five generations have discovered the "magic of the Glen," and hundreds of alumni progeny arrive each summer eager to experience it for themselves.
Geneva Glen cultivates a healthy atmosphere for youth through:
  • Revealing the wonders of our natural world and instilling a sense of care and stewardship
  • Amplifying values through meaningful traditions
  • Fostering lasting friendships based on qualities of character enlarged through the camp experience.
Building on timeless themes, rich and enduring programs convey camp's core values while acknowledging the changing world around us. Campers and staff grow friendships in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust.