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Being a counselor at Geneva Glen is an unforgettable experience. It is also a demanding job that requires hard work and selfless giving. The success of your camp experience will depend on your willingness to give of yourself to Geneva Glen, its customs and traditions, and to trust in the magic it has on children year in and year out.

The counselor at Geneva Glen is central to our purpose. The duties and responsibilities of the counselor are diverse, and the benefits and rewards are great as you experience the totality of our thematic programming.

Consider your application to be a counselor at Geneva Glen seriously. We very much want to hear from you if you are genuinely interested.

What you give to camp

Your primary contribution is your positive and enthusiastic example as a leader and role model. In addition, we will put your knowledge, skills, and background to use in our diverse program as you enable campers to grow in self-esteem with each new experience.

Geneva Glen has always thrived on the creative contributions, talents, and abilities counselors have contributed to the program. It is through the quality of its leaders that Geneva Glen ensures its success.

There is no doubt we ask a great deal from our counselors; however, from investing in their campers, counselors receive an abundance of rewarding experience that is of value all their lives.

What camp gives to you

Counselors can gain the richest benefits from Geneva Glen because of their close contact and involvement with children from all backgrounds. They are, therefore, most able to generate interest and stimulate the creative talents of these youths. Geneva Glen is famous for creating just such an atmosphere.

Counselors also can become proficient in each of the activity areas. In addition, counselors will learn the art of human relations, as Geneva Glen holds at the core of its philosophy the healthy and constructive development of the child, as well as the positive influence of leadership and fellowship for all its staff.

For more information about becoming a Geneva Glen counselor, read these sections:

If you have special skills in a particular area, consider becoming an activity director.

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