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We are glad to know that you might be interested in employment at Geneva Glen for the position of Camp Nurse this coming summer!

NursesBeing a camp nurse is ideal for a person's nursing career! Good, hard work in a beautiful, healthy Colorado mountain environment; opportunities for play and regeneration; working and playing day in and day out with healthy, happy campers and staff; and a supportive, harmonious atmosphere.

Many benefits beyond pay, such as room and board, and most importantly, a wonderful experience working with children and youth. Recreational opportunities like swimming, horseback riding, backpacking, sports, arts and crafts, and much more.

Check out the information on this page and let us know if you have any questions - we'd love to hear from you! Questions? Contact Reid McKnight: reid@genevaglen.org or 303-697-4621 x 14

Job Information for Camp Nurse


Dates, Pay, Accommodations

    For the 2024 season, the pay is $13,000 from June 1st - August 10th ($1,300 per week). Travel allowance is also provided if travel is necessary from out of Colorado, on a scale from $200 to $350 depending on distance. Room and board is also provided as well as worker's compensation and malpractice insurance. However, it is strongly recommended that the Camp Nurse also retain personal medical malpractice insurance. The Nurse is provided private quarters in the R&R Health Center which is clean, modern and fully equipped. All amenities are provided.

Time Off

    Time off includes one day per week (24 hours), and one night per week. More time may be provided depending on the availability of substitutes.


    The Camp Nurse must be licensed, and be currently registered, or have reciprocity, to practice in the state of Colorado. A Nurse Graduate who passes the NCLX prior to the beginning of the June season will be qualified and is considered for the position.
    • The Camp Nurse position at Geneva Glen is the same as the Health Care Supervisor. The Nurse is in a Full Charge role.
    • The Camp Nurse works under a licensed physician secured by the camp.

Basic Qualifications

    The Camp Nurse should relate well to groups of young people and enjoy outdoor activity, fresh air, and beautiful mountain scenery! Their experience and temperament should have prepared them to function independently and accept the responsibility of the camp health care program.

Applicants with children

    Often nurse applicants have children which must be considered as a part of the employment package. Our greatest difficulty has been in finding space to enroll a child in the camp program. Geneva Glen enrolls campers from the ages of 6 to 16. If space is available (which depends upon the age - i.e., the younger the camper, the easier to enroll - we will regard your application giving some due consideration of camper tuition against salary.
Health Center

Nursing Duties

    Nursing care consists of evaluating and treating camper's minor injuries and illnesses; keeping a log of Health Center visits; giving supportive advice to counselors and other camp staff, if requested; and identifying health problems serious enough to require a physician's attention.


    Include stocking First Aid supplies in the Health Center and all areas of camp and controlling their outflow; safeguarding the camper's prescription medications; administering the medications at the prescribed dosages and hours; completing insurance forms; and supervising and maintaining the Center's housekeeping standard. A staff member is provided to assist in the housekeeping of the Health Center. The Camp Nurse can expect the Camp administration to provide whatever necessary equipment and supplies may be needed for the nurse and the Health Center.
    The Nurse provides training for the staff in preventative health care both for themselves and their campers, rules and guidelines for the health care program, and a counselor’s approach to the treatment of illnesses and injuries. The Camp Nurse is expected to be present with a physician at Check-In each camp session (every two weeks) to gather and file the incoming health forms, record individual problems and note medications. A complete Health Care Plan is available for review, and is provided as part of the job training.

Job Description - Camp Nurse

Position Summary

The Camp Nurse / Health Care Manager will be in direct charge of the summer health program at Geneva Glen and respond to any emergency. They will manage the medical records of campers and staff, supervise health and cleanliness standards, administer medications, and help provide adequate physical health conditions for all. While Geneva Glen has made an effort to provide a general description of the duties and tasks of this position, this is a partial job description. Geneva Glen may modify these tasks and responsibilities at any time.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Licensed (in Colorado or reciprocity) as a registered nurse
  • Experience with young adults and children desirable
  • Ability to supervise, update and and/or monitor health care plan
  • Current CPR and first aid certifications
  • Desire to work and live in a camp community

Supervisory Chain

    Operations Director & Health & Wellness Cordinator / Executive Directors


  • Ensure each camper and staff member has on file a health history, immunization form, and examination form according to licensing regulations and ACA Accreditation Standards
  • Execute a system for health screening for arriving campers and staff, as well as a system for health screening for trips out of camp including overnight camp-outs
  • Set up a system for responding to special dietary requirements and coordinate with the Food Service Supervisor
  • Conduct inventory of supplies and place orders when necessary, ensuring timely arrival of supplies
  • Establish and follow appropriate medical routines including record keeping in the daily medical log, overseeing proper disposal of medical waste, managing and safeguarding medications, and utilizing approved standing orders
  • Coordinate coverage of the Health Center with substitute nurses
  • Post hours for daily medications and Health Center hours
  • Make appointments, when necessary, with medical/dental personnel in the community, secure transportation for such appointments (with camp administration)
  • Check, issue, and keep First aid kits appropriately stocked
  • Participate in and lead specific areas of staff training pertaining to camp health and safety, first aid, and use of standard precautions for infection control
  • Keep accident/incident reports that can be used for risk management assessment
  • Prepare a summary and evaluation of the camp season including inventories, and make recommendations for the following season
  • Monitor the health of all staff including kitchen staff
  • Monitor/evaluate camp procedures, facilities, and conditions and suggest modifications that would create more healthy conditions in the camp
  • These are not the only duties to be performed. Some duties may be reassigned and other duties may be assigned as required

Essential Functions

  • Ability, certification to drive to doctor or emergency treatment locations
  • Ability to read prescriptions and health exams from physicians
  • Physical ability to get to remote locations on camp quickly
  • Oral and Audio ability to use phone and emergency communication devices
  • Ability to observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp

Camp Goals

Our goal is to provide youth with a summer camp experience that: promotes the discovery of one's own dignity and worth; develops empathetic, culturally competent campers who welcome and respect all individuals, regardless of what they look like, how they identify, where they come from, their socioeconomic status, their faith and who they love; stimulate a love for and care of the natural world; develop commitments to enduring values and respect and inspire service and responsibility to foster exemplary school and community leaders.

The Health Center

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