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Have questions regarding our application process? Check our frequently asked questions for the answer. If you cannot find what you are looking for, email us!
A: Staff Orientation begins on June 1st (Leadership Team and Area Heads start earlier) and the last day of camp is August 10th, 2024.
A: Anytime you'd like! Staff hiring begins during December and continues through May. January or early February is ideal. Our hiring process remains open without a set deadline, and we will continue to hire until our staffing needs are met.
  • If you are applying for Crew, apply by February 1 for best consideration
  • If you are applying for the Leadership Team, the application deadline is January 1
  • A: You should try to have at least FOUR references for a staff application.
    A: Give us a complete view of yourself. Church officials, teachers/professors, employers, Geneva Glen alumni, etc. We also ask that you include one family member who can comment on your ability to work as an employee.
    A: We're willing to bet you have 4 references somewhere. We realize that this might be your first official job, but you've probably had some "employment" elsewhere. Babysitting? How about mowing the neighbor's lawn? Have you taken care of someone's pets, etc? Use teachers or school officials. Are you in any clubs or activities? Have your soccer or baseball coach on that list.
    A: If you use a Geneva Glen alum, please get their current information for us. That'll give you a chance to check with that person and let them know you plan on using them as a reference. Incomplete applications will take longer to process.
    A: After you apply you should receive a confirmation email stating that we have receieved your application. Feel free to give us call if you're worried about it though! 303-697-4621 x 14
    A: Sure! You should be able to update your application after submitting it. Go to your Camp-in-Touch account to update your application.
    A: Email us at You are also welcome to call us at 303-697-4621 x 14. We are typically in the office from 9-5 mountain time, Monday - Friday.
    A: Selected applicants and re-applicants eligible for a position will receive an interview. We usually begin interviews in January and February.
    A: Depends on when you sent in your application. If you are selected for an interview, you should hear from us within a month of receiving your application. We appreciate your patience and you are always welcome to contact us about the status of your application.
    A: Interviews are either done in-person at camp or via phone or Zoom (video conference). We'll ask you some questions, you answer them. How formal do they get? Don't wear a tuxedo or your prom dress... Seriously though, we appreciate an open interview where you are professional and willing to share some information about yourself.
    A: If you haven't heard from us at all, give us a call or email and make sure that we do have your application. If you did get that email, just be patient - we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.
    A: Staff hiring (including crew) is ongoing until the summer. Most people will know by early April, but you can be hired up until the day of camp.
    A: If you have an important question regarding the timing of being hired, give us a call let us deal with that specifically. If you are just excited and a little impatient, we'll try and get to everyone as quickly as possible.
    A: The formation of the summer staff is more art than science. While we do spend some time early on taking a look at the leadership team, area heads and crews; we typically don't have an "order."
    A: All veteran staff members will need to reapply - click here to apply online.
    A: Once you are offered a position, we'll get all your paperwork in order and send you an invitation to our online hiring paperwork system. Don't worry if you don't see one right away though.
    A: Nope, just relax - you're set. The staff will receive the first newsletter in April. Information will keep coming throughout May and early June.
    A: If you want more information about pre-camp work, contact camp. Pre-camp is for veteran staff only.

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